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I have spent the last few years hoping to find a decent salon to call home. Until recently, I failed miserably.  There was the stylist that sobbed through my haircut, because she was fighting with her roommate/boyfriend. There was the salon that always made me wait at least thirty minutes after my appointment time. There was the salon where my stylist kept taking odd breaks to check her phone that was plugged in the wall. Where were you going you might ask? Seemingly decent places that charged a lot of money. My breaking point was that at the last “salon” I had an appointment at had a stylist who gave me a lopsided haircut. This wasn’t an intentional artsy look. She just cut one group of hair an inch shorter than the rest. On top of that, the eye brow shaping I got done was something akin to an angry Muppet. I had a pretty sad outlook on the beauty industry and low expectations. I drifted from one hair stylist to the next, always hoping that I’d be paired with that one stylist that I would just click with or simply someone who didn’t aggressively brush my hair all while pulling my head back like a Pez dispenser.

After moving to the east valley and having a lopsided haircut, I committed to finding an actual hair dresser with skill. Someone who would take care of me. Really take care of me, as in under no circumstances ever let me get side bangs again no matter how much I insist, because side bangs never work with my hair and my bangs always end up looking like Conan O’Brien’s. I need a stylist who has my back. I need a salon. An actual physical facility with high standards and ethics. A sanctuary of sorts where one would actually get to let go and enjoy the self-care they are paying for.

Enter No.5 Hair Company.

On the No.5 Hair Company website I effortlessly made an appointment online. This is one of the nicest aspects of the salon. I was able to schedule all my services on the same day, whilst choosing who I would see for what. That was done in two minutes and I received a confirmation immediately.

When I saw the studio, I thought it was the perfect complement to trendy Gilbert. It is a large open clean space with a beautiful backdrop of large teal walls. It’s strong and industrial, but feminine and sweet. It houses Paul Mitchell products and nestled in the center is a charming boutique with a classy boho feel. All the décor and seating areas are spacious and welcoming. I immediately loved it!

My visit was a game changer. No more lopsided haircuts or Muppet eyebrows! I was greeted by an upbeat Chanelle and taken right to my station. Chanelle went through a series of questions to gain clarity about the length of my layers and suggested a new way to part my hair that makes it look much fuller. (Thank You!) I had my eyebrows threaded for the first time ever and was amazed at how quickly this procedure could yield the same results of waxing/plucking, which takes so much longer. I then had my eyelash extensions completed. They came out looking completely real and feel natural. My four hour stay flew by, because I was so completely relaxed and in bliss the entire time. The staff is warm and educated. If you’re in the east valley, this is the salon that holds the standard.



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